At Vintage Sound Machine we make portable Hi-Fi systems out of old vintage suitcases, using some of the highest quality audio amplifiers and speakers.  Each VSM is unique.  Please go to the shop for all available VSM's, and suitcases to be customized.  They are all battery powered (6 hours +) and come with an audio lead and charger which doubles up as a power supply.

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The idea came off the back of a University project (Masters in Architecture) where a device was required so that the public of Brixton could interact with: something that people can plug in their own iPod, CD player, cassette, records, or even an instrument, and thus create their own public performance within a space.  And so the first VSM was born  ....'The Brixton Briefcase'....

“Music went from home collective to public collective.  Around '77, '78, I noticed music took a step from being in somebody's apartment to cats literally taking their speakers and turning them outside their windows.  These were people who were not DJs, who were just sharing music.  This was not like an opportunity to dance.  This was just “I love music, and I'm sharing it with my peers.”  So once that public form of sharing was introduced with the speakers in the windows, then the next sort of public forum was those speakers becoming mobile...”

Bobbito Garcia (DJ / Writer)
The Boombox Project – p24